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Speak directly to your customers and generate new qualified leads with our custom Direct Messages (DM) Packages. Send 40+ messages a day.


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There’s more to Instagram DMs than sending funny cat videos to friends or sliding in search of true love. As a business owner, there are some serious benefits to be had inside the Direct messaging goldmine.

Direct messaging is a powerful instrument in a brand’s ability to build relationships with clients. DMs are private, personalized and intimate. Companies use direct messaging to the following advantages:

  1. Access to instant networking opportunities: Connect with partner brands, potential influencers, and brand ambassadors.
  2. Improved customer participation: Give your customers a means to attain your company beyond your email address or telephone number.
  3. Build meaningful relationships: Send custom messages to specific prospects to enhance your brand reputation.

Over 375 million monthly active users use Instagram’s direct feature (2019).

Even if a trade does not happen straight away, it gives you the chance to nurture the relationship and provide one-on-one customer care.


  • $49 – BASIC: 300 DMs (10/day)*
  • $69 – STANDARD: 600 DMs (20/day)*
  • $99 – PREMIUM: 1,200 DMs (40/day)*

*The number of DMs we send per day is not exact and depends on your account’s ability to interact on Instagram.


  • Up to 10-40 messages sent a day (depending on package)
  • Up to 2 different scripts/targeting changes per month
  • Max 300-400 characters per script/message
  • Can include the following placeholders:
    • [FULLNAME]
    • [LASTNAME]
    • [USERNAME]
    • [MYNAME]
    • [DATE]
  • Send a secondary message after (x time) if:
    • To all users
    • To users who haven’t replied
    • To users who replied
  • Send a message to:
    • Followers of any @username
    • Followings of any @username
    • Likers of any @username
    • Commenters of any @username
    • Specific users
    • Your new followers
  • Auto reply to new messages


  • “Thanks for following…
  • “Spammy language and overselling
  • Using their IG handle in your greeting (i.e.: Hello fitchikxoxo212). Use their IG name or a generic greeting instead.


  • Text (SMS) format. Don’t make long sentences.
  • Use Calls to Action (CTA) sparingly.
  • Speak to specific niche demographics (i.e., I noticed you love working out…)
  • Connect with them emotionally and gain their trust.
  • Offer free help or advice.  (i.e., How long have you been training… What’s your favorite gym in your city…)
  • You want to start a conversation.
  • Ask for a collab. Whether you are a business or influencer, DMs are a great place to recruit talent.
  • Leave messages open-ended, allowing them to respond. THIS IS NOT AN EMAIL!
  • Once they respond, then sell yourself or use CTAs. (i.e., come by the gym… give us a call… check out our packages…)
  • Get them on the phone!
  • Use IG’s DM inbox filtering tool to view only unread messages.

***100% legal and Instagram compliant***


“Love your page!  

We noticed you also make [insert text] a priority in your life, so we just wanted to reach out and see if you had any [insert text]-related questions you wanted to ask us! 

Talk soon! 



After you complete your purchase:
We will send you a confirmation email after your purchase with a link for our DM Package Targeting Form, which will allow you to further customize your order.

*If you submit the form without first purchasing one of our DM Packages, we will not begin working on your email list. 

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Instagram DM Packages

Basic (300 DMs), Standard (600 DMs), Premium (1,200 DMs)


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